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If you’re here, you might already know what FIRE is, but if you don’t, I’ll give you a quick summary. (For more on my personal FIRE philosophy, check out my first post and the About page.)

start hereThis blog is about financial independence (FI) and early retirement (RE), which together make FIRE. While the two are related, they are not exclusive, and there are many paths to achieve either.

In a nutshell, FIRE involves focusing your earnings on achieving a high savings rate and investing those savings for long term future growth.

FIRE is about choosing long term freedom over unnecessary spending.

FIRE is not a get rich quick scheme.

FIRE is a lifestyle that encourages you to think about every possible purchase as an opportunity cost and potential investment.

FIRE is not about achieving high income so you can spend loads of money.

FIRE is about setting up long term passive income streams so you can focus on enjoying life rather than working for money.

In case you haven’t caught on, this is the long haul.

Because it’s such a long and focused process, it’s also easy to get bored or lose track of your plan. In order to stay on track and enthusiastic about FIRE, I track my progress. This allows me to look back and marvel over how far I’ve come and predict where I will be in the future. It’s a way of patting myself on the back and saying “keep up the good work, me.”

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