FI Progress

Much like tracking our spending, knowing our net worth is a helpful measure of our progress toward financial independence. We will be drawing from our investments in early retirement to cover our spending, so tracking the rate at which we are increasing our total assets allows us to predict when we will be able to declare financial independence.

Tracking our investment asset allocation gives us a big picture of our overall finances. This page summarizes the overall health of our portfolio and finances.

Updated through: July 2017

Net Worth: $81,875

FI Progress: 6%

Here’s how I calculate our progress:

  1. Sum the previous 12 months’ spending ($41,763)
  2. Divide the total spending by 3.25% (our planned withdrawal rate). This calculates our target net worth ($1,285,032).
  3. Divide our current net worth by the target net worth.

net worth july 2017

YTD Savings: $33,729

YTD Spending: $29,960

YTD Savings Rate: 53%

net income july 2017

assets update july 2017