Trail to FI-4

Welcome to Trail to FI!

Maybe I’m hitting the “trail” theme too hard.

My name is Dylan, and I like freedom.

While I enjoy my career as an engineer, I would prefer to choose what I do with my time, rather than trading it for money.

This blog is about my path to achieving financial independence (FI). The philosophy of Trail to FI comes down to one simple concept: life is too short to spend most of it working for a paycheck. I’ll be discussing useful strategies to building wealth so that I can retire within 10 years (before I turn 36). I am lucky enough to have a wife who shares this aspiration.

We don’t have everything figured out yet, which is actually the primary reason for why I decided to start a blog. Through research and discussion of strategies to building wealth, I hope to learn and maybe help others out along the way. Some other reasons:

  • Strategy analysis. I frequently wonder whether to choose one strategy or another (i.e. traditional vs. Roth), so I want to work through my own scenario analyses.
  • Accountability. Publicly publishing our own FI progress and spending will encourage us to stay focused on our plan.
  • Feedback. My posts have a comment section for a reason. I might make mistakes, so please correct me if I do. I would also love to hear about your own experiences. Let’s have a discussion!
  • Creative outlet. As an engineer, my daily work is mostly technical. I hope writing (even about personal finance) will provide me with a means for expression.
  • Knowledge reinforcement. I learn more effectively when I have to explain concepts. I’ll also be researching the details of strategies that I might not have known before.

Also, I really appreciate it when other bloggers share their spending and net worth, so I plan to do the same. I even tried to make it easier to find out exactly what our progress is on these two pages:

  • Spending Reports: Pretty self explanatory. This is where I’ll post our monthly expenditures and income.
  • FI Progress: This is where I will post our current net worth, investment plan, and asset allocation. I will update this monthly. I’ll reference to blog posts that describe the reasoning for our current investment plan when applicable.

On a more personal note, my wife and I met in college in Colorado and we currently live in the Midwest. While neither of us are from Colorado, we share a deep love for the state and plan to move back there before early retirement. We enjoy music (we met in band), hiking, and board games.

If you’re new to the concept of financial independence, check out the Start Here page and the FI Fundamentals series. And, if you desire to receive updates from me on a regular basis, just throw your email address into the box on the right. I promise not to spam your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat. I’m also quite likely to respond if you reach out on Twitter or Facebook.